Kitchen philosophy

Conscious cuisine

The Bergkristall is the perfect place to improve your health in a holistic way. Our fresh, quality foods are natural energy boosters. We only use what is in season and source produce locally and with the fewest possible food miles. At Bergkristall, conscious enjoyment means savouring things that do you good. We get our inspiration from nature!

Striking a healthy balance and indulging yourself from time to time – that's our food philosophy, based on the 80/20 rule.
Natural food - Resort Bergkristall

Natural food

For us, healthy has nothing to do with doing without. We prepare your food so that it is both easy to digest and tastes great. Fresh vegetables, good oils, exquisite fish and only high-quality meat. Guests can choose from the full programme at the Bergkristall. We know where our food comes from and what ingredients are particularly good for body, mind and soul. We pay attention to foods that are easy on your blood sugar levels and never use artificial flavour enhancers. For an unadulterated taste experience at the highest level.

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The 80/20 rule - Resort Bergkristall

The 80/20 rule

Our Bergkristall life principle: 80% conscious and balanced nutrition, and 20% enjoying whatever we fancy. We have used this rule in our cuisine for a long time, and also follow the Glyx principle. According to the glycaemic index, carbohydrates are divided into good and bad. The higher the figure, the higher the blood sugar level rises. That’s why at Bergkristall we avoid refined sugar and white flour whenever possible. Every dish is prepared with high-quality, nutritious ingredients and served up with love. Of course you can let yourself go from time to time and can always decide what you feel like eating.