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Here is a summary of everything you need to know. We answer all your questions about your stay at the Bergkristall. Have we forgotten anything or is something still on your mind? Then call us on +49 8386 911-0 or email us at – We’re here for you!

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General questions about:

Hotel in general

Check in is from 3 pm , and we ask you to check out by 11 am on your day of departure.

Our all-inclusive services start at 3 pm on the day you arrive and end at 11 am on the day you leave.

We are dedicated to ensuring you have the most wonderful holiday.
That’s why we provide certain items in your room during your stay with us.
But please remember that these items are the property of the hotel and must be left in the room when you leave.
  • Bergkristall wellness basket including sauna bath towels
  • “For the love of me” bathrobe – our fluffy bathrobes ensure you have a relaxing time in the spa area – did we pick out the right size for you?
  • 100% organic cotton spa towel – please use this towel on the loungers in the spa area – both for hygienic reasons and to protect the covers.
  • Bergkristall toiletries (shampoo and body milk) in your bathroom
  • as well as other items...
For the sake of environment, we don't use disposable bathing shoes. Please remember to bring your bathing shoes as well as your swimwear. However, we are happy to hand out bathing slippers at reception on direct request.

If you need something, please let us know.
Do you like the items we provide? You can buy them all at the Heimatgut hotel boutique – for yourself or perhaps as a gift for someone special.
BUT PLEASE don’t just take them from the room – we’ll be upset!
Dogs are generally welcome in our hotel. However, pets are not allowed in all the rooms . Please mention that you are travelling with your four-legged friend when making your enquiry so that we can offer you a suitable room.

Pets are not allowed in our restaurant or in the Kristall SPA. Your dog is welcome to accompany you in the Atrium and the HansiBAR.
  • We charge € 25.00 per day per dog.
  • It’s a good idea to bring a few familiar things for your furry friend so that they settle in as quickly as possible and really feel like a pampered pooch. This could be your dog’s favourite toy, blanket or food bowl. This also helps to prevent your four-legged friend from letting off steam on the hotel furniture.
  • But accidents can happen. It may be unpleasant, but as the owner you are liable for any damage caused by your dog, such as scratches or stubborn stains. We recommend taking out appropriate liability insurance in this respect.
  • Your faithful companion will find a welcome treat in the room as well as a food and water bowl.
  • Please bring your own dog food from home. Please understand that we can’t store or prepare food for your dog for reasons of hygiene.
  • Ideally, you should only leave your dog alone in the room in exceptional cases. If you do so, please hang the Do Not Disturb sign on your room door. That way, our staff will not try to enter your room.
  • Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that the sun will always shine. If your dog gets muddy while playing outside, you will find towels at our main entrance and the two side entrances so that you can dry your dog’s paws. You will also find a bin for poop bags next to the main entrance, at our deer park cabin, and at the annexe on the east side.
  • Your dog might sleep on the sofa or bed in your home, but we would prefer you to being a dog bed for your four-legged friend. But if your dog still decides it wants to get comfy on the soft furnishings, please cover them first with a dog blanket, which we are happy to provide.
  • If your dog should have a little accident in the hotel, please inform us straight away.

WiFi is available in the rooms, the Atrium and the Panorama Lounge under “Bergkristall”. The website opens automatically, just agree to the terms of use and click on “Log in”. If you have any technical questions or difficulties (with TV or internet), please contact Reception.

Below you will find our current cancellation conditions (as of March 2023):

  • Free rebooking or cancellation up to 7 days before arrival (except for reservations in the period from 18.12.2022 to 07.01.2023 – here the general terms and conditions apply | cancellation deadline up to 4 weeks before arrival)
  • In the event of cancellation at short notice (within 7 days) or early departure, we charge 60% of the room and board rate for overnight stays.

To ensure that you are covered against all eventualities, we recommend taking out travel cancellation insurance.
You will find more details about our cancellation policy in our General Terms and Conditions.

We can iron your clothes on request. Your ironing will be returned to you on the same day if you hand it in by 12 noon – usually within the hour. You can borrow an iron and board from Reception.

Do you have any special requests or suggestions? Do you need a recommendation on local walks, excursions or shopping? Then contact our “Wish Fulfillers” at Reception. They are here to help and are always happy to answer your questions and help you have the perfect stay. We will be delighted to organise a special moment for you.

The village centre with its pedestrian zone is about 2 km from Resort Bergkristall. You can walk into Oberstaufen in about 20 minutes along the beautifully panorama path with a view of the Nagelfluh mountain range.

Would you like to treat your favourite person to some really special moments? On our website, in 3 easy steps you can order a gift voucher and print it out at home. Of course, we will also be happy to package the voucher nicely for you and send it with a brochure to your preferred address.

You have the choice of the classic Bergkristall gift voucher and our beautiful gift box.

To the gift vouchers

  • Reception is open daily from 7 am to 11 pm. Reservations can be made from 7 am to 9 pm every day.
  • Kristall SPA treatments are available from 9 am to 7 pm every day.
  • Sports infinity pool open daily from 7 am to 8 pm (9.30 pm in summer)
  • Indoor relaxation pool open daily from 7 am to 8 pm
  • NAGELFLUH sauna area open daily from 11 am to 8 pm.
  • Gym open daily from 7 am to 10 pm.
  • Restaurant open daily from 7.30 am to 11 pm.
  • HansiBAR open from 11 am.
  • HEIMATGUT hotel boutique open from 9 am to 1 pm.

Heimatgut – the Bergkristall boutique offers everything for the holiday shopper. You can buy some of the hotel’s decor items and lovely gifts for yourself or family and friends at home. You can also find beautiful items that reflect the connection with our home region. Let us inspire you and take your personal Bergkristall feeling home with you.

Lost a button? No problem, a call to Reception is all it takes. Our housekeeper will immediately take care of your small repairs, but we leave larger jobs to the professionals.

Our main entrance is open until 11 pm. After that, please use the side entrances, which you can open at any time with your room card.

You can pay your hotel bill until 10 pm on the day before departure and from 7.30 am on the day of departure. We accept the following means of payment: EC card, MasterCard and VisaCard, as well as cash. We recommend using the express checkout: please contact Reception up to 24 hours before departure.

You are welcome to use our in-house laundry, sewing and ironing service. The laundry bag and price list are in your room. Drop off your clothes before 9 am and we guarantee you will have them back within 9 hours. If you want your clothes to be dry-cleaned, drop them off before 9 am and you will get them back within 12 hours.

We will be happy to order your preferred daily newspaper. You can pick it up at Reception each day. Magazines are on sale at the Heimatgut boutique.

The Resort has parking spaces with direct access to our main and side entrances. Upon arrival, you are welcome to pull up in front of the main entrance to unload your bags, then we will assist you with parking.

Questions about:

Rooms & prices

The following all-inclusive services are included when booking a room: Find out more HERE.

All our comfortable rooms and suites have the following amenities:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Safe
  • Flat-screen TV and telephone
  • Mini bar
  • Make-up mirror and hairdryer
  • Kettle
  • Glass carafe for our spring water
  • Wellness basket with bath towels and bathrobe available during your stay
  • 100% natural cotton spa towel for the duration of your stay to cover the loungers in the pool and spa

If you need an extra pillow or blanket, you can order it via our online pillow bar or from our colleagues at Reception.

Questions about:


The outdoor sports infinity pool is kept at a beautifully warm 31°C. Inside the Kristall SPA, the Relax Pool ensures relaxed bathing at 33°C. Our pools are open for you daily from 7 am to 8 pm. During the summer months, the pool area is open until 9.30 pm.

Our offer for using the pools, saunas, bathrobe, bath towels and the Spa Lounge on your day of arrival before 3 pm or on your day of departure after 11 am is € 41 per person.
If you stay three nights or more, this is available to you free of charge.
The spa reception staff will be happy to advise you in person or by phone at +49 8386 911-155. Of course, you can also pre-book a treatment via our website.

In our Kristall SPA we work with unique, natural cosmetics from PHARMOS Natur. Highest Green Luxury quality from healing and rejuvenating aloe vera, organically grown in the world’s strongest power places. Premium natural products with a network of active ingredients, intense light energy and strong vibration.

Our hotel’s name, BERGKRISTALL, means “rock crystal” and is reflected in the name of the wellness area at Resort Bergkristall. The crystal’s qualities of brightness, power, harmony and clarity can also be found in the treatments during your stay. Being at one with yourself through conscious mindfulness and stillness: "For the love of me"

On arrival, all our guests are provided with a wellness basket in their room, which contains a bathrobe and a bath towel for the Kristall SPA for each person. We also provide you with a spa towel, which you can use in a variety of ways: You can use it to cover the loungers in the wellness area or lay it on the day bed, armchair or sofa in your room. This is for your use during your stay. Please always take it back to your room. Upon request, the housekeeper will exchange the towel for a fresh one. These are the property of the hotel and may not be taken away.

For the sake of environment, we don't use disposable bathing shoes. Please remember to bring your bathing shoes as well as your swimwear. However, we are happy to hand out bathing slippers at reception on direct request.

Do you like our Bergkristall HOME items? They are all available to purchase in our online shop.

Relax and take some time out for yourself! Please be considerate of other guests who want to relax.

Many guests take something to read, listen to music on headphones or talk quietly.

Our SPA etiquette

Questions about:

Health & Schroth

The Schroth fasting cure helps you to achieve many of your goals! Use your holiday to start a new life full of vitality and energy, a healthier life. Our targeted weekly offers can be individually selected for your needs and provide the perfect combination of a relaxing luxury holiday with professionally run fasting and treatments.

Our Schroth retreats “Fasting for the love of me” are held on the following dates:

  • 15 October 2023 to 3 December 2023
  • 7 January 2024 to 28 April 2024
  • 29 September 2024 to 1 December 2024

To the Schroth Cure offers

Our spa physician, Dr Neuy, visits the hotel on Mondays and Thursdays during the Schroth health weeks to treat our medical spa guests. The appointment for the initial and follow-up examination will be booked for you by our spa staff. The doctor will discuss your individual schedule with you during a personal consultation.

Schroth Health Weeks 2023 und 2024:

  • 15 October 2023 to 3 December 2023
  • 7 January 2024 to 28 April 2024
  • 29 September 2024 to 1 December 2024

Questions about:

Culinary delights

Please let us know in advance if you have any allergies or food intolerances so that we can ensure you have a carefree stay with us.

For logistical reasons, unfortunately it is not possible for us to cater for every type of allergy or intolerance when preparing meals. So please talk to us about your requirements before making a reservation. Our kitchen team works with the utmost care, but it is not possible to rule out cross-contamination. We can only cater for your requirements if you inform us in advance.

We attach great importance to healthy and seasonal food that, where possible, is sourced locally and has not travelled long distances. With us, you don’t have to go without anything but simply enjoy – in harmony with nature and your individual needs. We help you to care for your body, mind and soul through healthy nutrition. Unadulterated, natural, but still exquisite – healthy but delicious food.

The following meals are included during your stay: the outstanding Bergkristall breakfast, a lunch dish prepared before your eyes at the live cooking station, coffee and homemade cakes in the afternoon in the Bergkristall Atrium or in the Spa Lounge, and, in the evening, the varied dinner menu. We follow the 80/20 rule: if 80% of what you eat is healthy, the other 20% can be anything you enjoy. We avoid white sugar, white flour, and never use artificial flavour enhancers. The result: a unique sense of relaxation, a good night’s sleep and true joie de vivre.

  • The Bergkristall breakfast from 7.30 to 11 am
  • Lunch with live cooking from 12.30 to 2 pm
  • Coffee and cake from 2 to 5 pm in the Atrium and Spa Lounge
  • Varied evening menu from 6.30 to 8.30 pm.

We are happy to serve your breakfast or evening meal in your room if you book it in advance.

Breakfast should be booked by 10 pm the night before. For dinner, you need to book by 3 pm on the same day.

For this service we charge a flat rate of € 25.

Our beautiful bar is named after Hansi the stag, who lives with his harem in the deer park around the Resort. Look up, and you can see his mighty antlers hanging from the ceiling, because Hansi sheds his antlers every spring in order to impress the ladies in autumn when they grow back even bigger. The more points the antlers have, the older the stag.

Questions about:


Guided hikes, Nordic walking, yoga, aqua fit, meditation, e-bike tours, Qi Gong... Our motto is: Relaxation through fitness!

Our Reception staff are always happy to give you tips on the best excursions and hiking routes. We also post daily suggestions for walks or tours, also available at Reception.

There are 250 kilometres of beautiful walking paths in the Nagelfluhkette nature park around Oberstaufen and also directly from the hotel. We will be delighted to provide you with advice and a hiking map to take with you.

The Oberstaufen PLUS guest card allows you to travel free of charge on the Imberg, Hochgrat and Hündle cable cars.

There are numerous hiking and walking trails from the top and bottom stations. Our fitness coach Sepp and manager Hans-Jörg regale you with tales about local flora and fauna, Allgäu culture and humour on weekly guided hiking tours.

AND: Explore the deer enclosure loop and the Bergkristall loop around our resort – with beautiful spots to stop and rest and learn more abut the properties of rock crystal: BRIGHT, POWER, HARMONY AND CLARITY.

Hiking rucksacks, Nordic walking poles, hiking poles and umbrellas can be borrowed free of charge from reception. There are 300 kilometres of hiking trails and 88.8 kilometres of Nordic walking routes with three grades of difficulty around the resort. Hiking tips are available at reception. You can buy a detailed hiking map in our boutique.

The cable cars and ski lifts are 5-10 km from the resort. Experience a sunset or sunrise ride up our local mountain, the HOCHGRAT. A unique experience!

  • Oberstaufen Buflings golf centre (10 minutes away): 18-hole course, 6-hole short course and practice facilities
  • Waldegg-Wiggensbach golf club (45 minutes away): 27-hole course with Germany's highest tee and practice facilities
  • Schlossgut Lenzfried golf course (45 minutes away): 9-hole course and practice facilities
  • Scheidegg golf course (20 minutes away): 9-hole course
  • Memmingen Gut Westerhart Golf Club (50 minutes away): 18-hole course mostly with winter greens, including 5+2-hole short course

As a guest of the hotel, you can use all the above-mentioned courses free of charge, and with discounted green fees at other courses in the vicinity. The Allgäu – a paradise for golfers.

Our reception staff will be happy to get you tickets or reserve seats for events you wish to attend. Whether it’s the Bregenz Festival, the Kulturtupfer culture festival, the Schubertiade music festival or various events in the town. We’re here to help.

Thanks to our partner Sport Hauber, you can rent the right bike for your active holiday, with or without an electric motor.

In summer, the Oberstaufen PLUS guest card allows you to rent an e-bike free of charge once during your stay.

Oberstaufen is located between Lindau, Bregenz and Oberstdorf in the heart of the Nagelfluhkette Nature Park.

Some waterfalls can be reached on foot directly from the hotel and the Allgäu mountain lakes are also worth a trip. At nearby Lake Constance you can breathe in the lake air and visit the Bregenz Festival in summer. Neuschwanstein Castle is about an hour away. Other worthwhile destinations with a touch of Allgäu culture: the mountain farming museum near Immenstadt, the local history museum in Oberstaufen or various brewery, distillery and cheesery tour options.