Panorama hotel in the Allgäu

Hosts from the heart

Our deep connection to our home region and genuine passion can be felt in all areas of the hotel. We have been pouring heart and soul into our Allgäu family business for three generations. We take care of our guests personally. Our whole team doesn’t just listen, but listens carefully. This is what we at Bergkristall understand by genuine hospitality!

These are the stories that life writes – ours is about trust, great love, lots of hard work, vision and, above all, courage.

Host family Lingg

Allgäu family people

Hans-Jörg and Sabine Lingg

Strong characters

When Hans-Jörg met his wife Sabine, the future of our family business was mapped out. Fate brought the two together and together they planned the future of what was then the Bergstüble. With courage and vision, these two strong characters transformed the small holiday hotel into the luxurious wellness resort that it is today.

Hans-Jörg Lingg is a true Allgäuer whose heart yodels when he climbs the mountains with you. One who, like his father, respects and honours our home and its local treasures. Who opens your eyes to the immensity of nature in all its beauty.

Sabine Lingg is truly the soul of our house. A superwoman with a deep-rooted, honest warmth. She is responsible for the beautiful interiors, fine details and our feel-good atmosphere. Every single day, she shows us what it means to pour our heart and soul into our work.

To this day, we are still very spontaneous and take everything as it comes.

Sebastian & Johannes Lingg

The Lingg brothers

Sebastian and Johannes Lingg are our junior hosts. The Lingg brothers both embarked on careers in hospitality but found their way back home at the same time. They both knew that they wanted to stay at the Bergkristall, in this beautiful corner of the world.

Sebastian is responsible for managing the staff, and Johannes’ baby is the Hansi Bar. Together with head chef Andreas and restaurant manager Tobias, he manages the F&B area (food & beverages). Along with Sebastian’s wife Janina Lingg and our youngest Bergkristall member, their son Samuel, the brothers continue to pour their heart and soul into developing the Bergkristall.

We want to inspire our guests with special moments in a personal, family atmosphere and continue to do so at a high level.

Senior managers Hans and Hedi Lingg

Our senior managers

Our senior managers Hans and Hedi Lingg grew up on farms and have literally created great things from nothing. They have always remained true to the Allgäu and, despite the setbacks of owning a farm that was struggling to survive, they fulfilled their dream of opening a café and later a popular restaurant, the Bergstüble. Along the way, they raised four children, all of whom are connected to today's Bergkristall in their own way.

You will bump into Hedi around the hotel, out walking our dog Bekki, or at the traditional family lunch. Even today, our guests rave about the cakes we bake using her own recipes. With his great sense of humour, Hans entertained our guests for many years and fed the animals in the hotel’s deer park. After a long and fulfilling life, he lives on in our hearts as a great role model and inspiration.

Because that’s how it is – we take things as they come and make the best of them.

Team spirit at the Bergkristall - Resort Bergkristall

Team spirit at the Bergkristall

The Bergkristall is a place that has many stories to tell. About passion, heart and soul and togetherness. With a twinkle in the eye and a good pinch of humour. A family business, where over 130 employees from all over the world have found a home. We are united by a special energy, which we send out from our hearts to you, our guests. Many of our team have done their training with us then returned to take up permanent jobs.

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Our team leaders - Resort Bergkristall

Our team leaders

Our team leaders in each area represent everyone on the team that makes up our Bergkristall. Every day, these people bring pride and a zest for life to their work. Many of them have found their home in our hotel. With fun, friendliness and togetherness, they convey the incomparable Bergkristall feeling. Our guests sense this, making them the best team we could wish for!