The Bergkristall is a delight

Regional partners

At the Bergkristall, we place great value on natural and seasonal foods that are sourced locally wherever possible with a minimum of food miles. We know our suppliers personally and trust in their quality. This results in delicious creations that are unadulterated, refined and exquisite in taste. Treats for the taste buds based on the very best produce!

Baldauf cheese

Since 1862, Baldauf has stood for the best Allgäu cheese specialities made from hay milk. It is made with 100% silage-free and natural hay milk. The cheese is made using traditional recipes and know-how in the climate-neutral Alpine dairy in Grossholz and in the Hopfen village dairy.

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100% Allgäu meat. Calves and cattle born and raised around Oberstaufen. The animals live in freedom and are raised naturally. In summer they roam the Alpine pastures, and in winter they are fed with the farm’s own fodder. Top-quality, regional meat from healthy animals.

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Fresh dairy products, butter and cream from the Allgäu. From the independent dairy that turns Allgäu hay milk into high-quality products. A traceable value chain, regional and natural products and first-class quality from the Allgäu Alps.

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Our family-run food wholesaler for the hotel and catering industry in the Allgäu region. For over 50 years, they have been supplying the Bergkristall with fresh, top-quality meat, fish, gourmet foods, salad and vegetables, fruit and confectionery. From the best producers in our home region.

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Obst Häusler

The freshest fruit from the Allgäu since 1936. The vision of the family business is a good life for all. With high-quality, delicious, sustainable and fair food. Certified organic fruit and conventional quality products from the best regions. Reliable and delivered directly to our door.

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Endrass butchers

Endrass family butchers is a traditional business that is now run by the fourth generation. They slaughter and produce their own meat and meat products and prioritise animal welfare and fairness. They know where their animals come from and pay farmers fairly. Top-quality meat from the Allgäu!

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Hoimat cheesery

A taste of home. At Hoimat, food is given the appreciation it deserves. The cheesemakers use the best local ingredients to produce honest, artisan varieties of soft cheese. In the heart of the Allgäu, in the mountain village of Eschach with its own farm shop.

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Rainer Moosmann is a butcher who loves his work. The master butcher has fulfilled a lifelong dream with his business. He supplies the best meat from the neighbouring Bregenz Forest, along with sausage and bacon products. From purchasing to processing, he places great emphasis on quality.

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Kreutzer poultry farm

At the Kreutzer poultry farm, animal welfare comes first. Fresh barn eggs from happy hens from the Allgäu region. No GM feed is used and the eggs come directly from the barn. Freshness and quality are guaranteed by the poultry farm in Altusried, a village that is famous for its open-air performances and long-range views.

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Früchte Jork

Our reliable food wholesaler from the Allgäu region offers everything from a single source. Früchte Jork supplies us with high-quality, fresh products for pure enjoyment. Game and poultry specialities, baked goods and fruit from selected quality producers.

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Allgäu Honey Shop

Genuine natural products from the beehive are supplied to the Bergkristall by the Allgäu Honey Shop. The Allgäu Honey Shop sells products from the traditional Schehle beekeeping concern. Honey directly from Oberstaufen!

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Zwisler Bakery

We get our bread from Zwisler bakers and confectioners in Stiefenhofen. For many years they have been baking fresh goods every day, free of baking mixes and additives. For a natural, delicious flavour. We can taste the difference!

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Meckatzer Löwenbräu

The Meckatzer brewery draws its strength from the natural tranquillity of our region. Here in the heart of the Allgäu, they carefully brew their beers until they have reached the perfect degree of maturity. They are uncompromising about adhering to the time-consuming processes of the brewer’s art. Our partners in beer for over 55 years.

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Allgäu Alpine Water

Allgäu Alpine Water comes from the depths of the Nagelfluhkette Nature Park near Oberstaufen. Allgäu Alpine Water bubbles to the surface from a depth of 140 metres and is bottled unadulterated. It gets its unmistakably fine and well-balanced mineralisation from an intensive filtering process that comes about quite naturally from decades of working its way through the Allgäu mountains.

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